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 Holding to the testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev. 1:2)
                                             Index of Sermons 
Kingdom Principals of Church Growth Series:
Kingdom Principal #5, "Worship",  Sunday, October 26, 2014 (No Recording Available)
Gospel of John Series contd.(starting with chapter 13:31) 
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Seven Greatest Chapters of the Bible Series:
The Book of Revelation 
The Blood Moons, Jewish Shemitah Year, and Events in the Middle East
Misc.Sermons of 2017:
July 10,2016 -1 Peter 1:1,"Introduction"                                        
October 16,2016 -1 Peter 2:13-17, "Christian Citizenship" (no recording)

Misc.Sermons of 2016:
1 Peter Series: 
2 Peter Series:
The Training of the Twelve: A Study in the Four Gospels Series:
January 7,2018 - Luke 13:10-17, "What About Keeping the Sabbath" (No Recording Available)
May 27,2018 - Matthew 19:27-30 "The Rewards of Self Sacrifice" 
June 3,2018 - John 12:1-8 "The Anointing of Bethany" 
June 24,2018 - Matthew 24:1-3 "The Discourse on End Times" 
June 10,2018 - John 12:24-26 "The Gentiles Come to Faith" 
June 17,2018 - Matthew 24:1-3 "The Discourse on End Times" 
Christmas Season of 2018: